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Gravatar image Hey there. My name is Marius Voila curently I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I'm a Anime lover and since 4 years a go I started to really enjoy photography and bicycling. If you want to send me a gift and don't know what you can have a peak at my wishlist and get inspired (I prefer original present ideas but if you don't wanna risk you can use the list :-) ).

I’m a Linux sysadmin with over 14 years of experience, and doing DevOps before I even knew DevOps was a thing. I’m specialising in deployments, Cloud Computing (AWS, Rackspace, Azure, OpenStack), load balancing, scaling and performance tuning, as well as developing disaster-recovery best practices such as backups and restorations, firewalls, and server security audits.

I’m a senior technologist and engineer with a breadth of experience (15+ years as DevSecOps / DevOps / Ops / Systems architect, 20+ years Linux user !). My core technical skillet is in Infra / Ops / DevOps, but over time I’ve been involved in most aspects of architecting, building, running and scaling online services / microservices. Very interested in the business / product areas as well. I was part of the team who built Borg Rearchitected the whole TomTom infrastructure to use Kubernetes and Microservices Happy to provide both technical vision/leadership and hands-on engineering contributions.

A senior technologist with nearly 16 years of experience building & scaling online services, including at Google, Rackspace, eBay, TomTom, and many startup companies.

I’m able to provide both technical vision, leadership and hands-on engineering contributions, thanks to a solid understanding of systems, networking and software engineering fundamentals, plus interest in the product, business and people domains, a strong curiosity mindset and a decades-long perspective of the tech industry.

My core technical skillset is in Infrastructure, Cloud Native Computing, Kubernetes, Linux, DevOps, backend and Site Reliability Engineering. However, I have been involved over time in most aspects of architecting, building, running and scaling online services.

I’m currently available for either short term or long term but part time projects as a contractor. I will consider permanent employment opportunities only for principal roles (co-founder / CTO / VP Eng / Head of Infrastructure) at early stage tech startups.

Technologies I work with

Kubernetes / Cloud Native ecosystem, AWS, Google Cloud / GKE, Linux/Unix, OS + networking fundamentals, Python, Bash, Go.

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About This Site

This is my personal blog, giving me a place to talk about my interests, blow off steam, and have some fun.

The color scheme for the site is based on the popular Zenburn colors which I prefer for my coding environments. It’s easy to look at for long periods of time, and works surprisingly well for a blog.

The site is hosted on Amazon, and using Debian.

The entire website is written in Vim and uses Markdown syntax, manage its code with git, and generate the site with Jekyll. The source code for the site is freely available.

The site’s design was inspired by similar blogs setup up by Tate Johnson, Raoul Felix, Jason Graham and Jack Moffitt.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. This blog is not responsible for externally hosted material, including linked articles, photos or any other media.