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Top 10 Anime

Posted by Marius Voila on April 02, 2012 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 239 words

This weekend I’ve done a Anime marathon and I decided to do My top 10 Anime. After reading manga all my life I decided to watch a anime and I started with Akira, all I can say now after a delightful weekend is that I’m really sorry the weekend has ended and I didn’t manage to see even 1% of all the anime I wanted but what I’ve seen made me to make this top and maybe if someone has any suggestions I’m open to see more awesome Anime movies or series.

So long story short here is the top:

1.- AKIRA (I started with this one because I readed the Manga and I love it)

1.1 - Death Note(I know this is top 10 and this is the 11th movie but I loved the manga and the anime so much..and in my opinion this two are fighting for the 1st place :D )

2.- Samurai X (You have to read the Manga)

3.- GHOST IN THE SHELL (Again..the manga was awesome and the movie/series was at the same level)



6.- NINJA SCROLL (I didn’t like the comics but I loved the Anime)


8.- Howl’s Moving Castle

9.- Freedom Project


So if you have a day or two free…just download this movies and you’ll not regret.