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Sneak preview on my new projects and life

Posted by Marius Voila on July 27, 2011 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 399 words

As many of you know I live in Denmark now, Horsens to be precise. And while I was thinking of what my next hub would be about and how they, whoever “they” are…always tell you to write what you know…I thought I would start write about my new projects and the “news” from my brand new life :).

So let me start with a BIG Thanks You to my friends back home Tomiță Militaru Anca Dobrotă and Gabriela Radu for their support in Romania(and not only there) and for being such a good friends(Love You All). And BIG Thank You to my new friends and teammates Alex Țene and Darius Moravcik for everything they do for me and for the fact that they accepted me in the Revolve Magazine Team(I’m so proud of that).

So now let me present to you the awesomess that will be the new Revolve Magazine and how we will change the Horsens Campus of VIA University so below you’ll see as we start a revolution(in the good way :) )

Garage Sale – at times it can be really difficult to find affordable furniture, bikes or books on this campus and that is exactly why we will start “auction/second-hand shop” for this campus where students can sell and buy practically any items online.

Catch-a-Ride – is a service that allows students to share a car ride with other people traveling the same direction or to the same destination. You will be able to find people that are driving the same way so you can get a ride (possibly sharing the cost of fuel if required) or post that you are driving and are willing to take on some extra passengers (once again sharing the cost of fuel).

Android/iPhone app – these apps will allow students to use most of the new upcoming features when away from computer as long as you have a smart phone. The best thing is that these services and products will be free for VIA students at Campus Horsens. More news will be announced in August and the full package including at least 6 features will be ready to use by the beginning of new semester. We expect to launch everything by the beginning of new semester.