We use Munin and MySQL Replication from our production systems for hot standby purposes. But how to know if replication breaks?

Using components of the excellent MySQL Toolkit, I wrote a Munin plug-in to monitor replication delay and alert with an email if the delay gets above a certain level. This requires running mk-heartbeat as a daemon.

Here’s the plugin code:


## Plug-in to Monitor MySQL Replication Delay.


#$Author: mariusv $

#$Date: 2010-02-25 13:29:21 $

#$RCSfile: mysql_rep_delay,v $

#$Revision: 1.1 $

case $1 in


                cat <<'EOM'

graph_title MySQL Replication Delay

graph_vlabel seconds

mysql_rep_delay.label delay

mysql_rep_delay.warning 60

mysql_rep_delay.critical 3600

graph_category mysql


                exit 0;;


echo -n "mysql_rep_delay.value "

mk-heartbeat -D test --check -h localhost