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Linux quick, easy, file sharing server with one command

Posted by Marius Voila on October 05, 2010 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 188 words

Don’t install a server, just issue one command!

So, you want to share a file with a friend. It could be a document, a song, a directory of photos, anything.

Do you want to install and set up a server? NO!

Do you want to go to a directory and issue one command? YES!

Open your terminal and cd to the directory where you want to share the file(s) from:

`cd /home/YOUR_USER/some_folder`

Now start the Python Simple HTTP Server:

`python -m SimpleHTTPServer`

That’s it! Open your browser and go to this url:

`http://localhost:8000 or`

Now you will see the files that you want to share. All you need to do is send a message to your friend with your IP address and port :8000 and he/she can download anything from your /shared directory.

You can get your external IP address by going to:

[What Is My IP](

Once you have finished, go back to your terminal and hit Ctrl+C and the server will stop. Liked this article? Read another similar article.