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How to scroll in GNU screen

Posted by Marius Voila on July 27, 2012 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 125 words

Today a friend of mine and future colleague asked me how to use scroll(mouse wheel or synaptic touchpad) in GNU screen and because I was busy fixing other things I told him is doable but I didn’t told him ho to do it :-) The fix does not work well when you are using mul­ti­ple win­dows inside a sin­gle screen espe­cially when using split mode but for the times you use one win­dow per screen its pretty handy.

Add the fol­low­ing to your .screenrc :

termcapinfo xterm|xterms|xs|rxvt ti@:te@

And for MacOSX Terminal app, I found that the above fix doesn’t work and after few minutes of reading I come up with this fix :

term­cap­info xterm* ti@:te@