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Fighting Dell’s customer support service…

Posted by Marius Voila on September 10, 2010 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 260 words

For a few weeks already, I’m fighting with Dell’s customer support to get an Optiplex PC at work properly repaired. One of the USB ports from a system in our public computer rooms at the university, was broken. My colleague called Dell’s support service and they promised us to send a new front panel with USB port. A few days later, still nothing had arrived, so I called them again. This time they promised us to send a technician the next day in order to repair the machine.

The next day, a technician successfully repaired the machine, but then when he wanted to put the machine back, the key got stuck in the anti-theft lock of the machine. There was no way to remove the key anymore, so the lock was broken. I had to call customer support again, to ask to send us a new lock. And then things went completely wrong.

To summarize a long story, I called them already 4 times in order to get a new lock. They promised us once they would send a new lock and they promised us already twice to send a technician to replace the lock, but I still haven’t seen a new lock up to now. And once they could not help met at all on the phone, because “their system was down”. Last time the person I had on the phone told me he could not even find any trace of my previous calls in their logging system.

Is that what they call on site next business day warranty?