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Cannot open AlsaMixer

Posted by Marius Voila on June 07, 2013 in London, U.K . — 0 comments This post contains 168 words

If you use CrunchBang Linux or upgraded from Debian Wheezy (now stable) to Debian Jessie (testing) for sure you got problems with pnmixer, alsamixer , aplay etc.

The error : ALSA lib control_ext.c:664:(snd_ctl_ext_create) ctl_ext: Plugin version mismatch

   Mixer attach default error: No such device or addressSegmentation fault

The solution :

Update alsa-utils to (Debian sid). There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Download the package from Debian Packages Page and then: dpkg -i /path/to/the/deb (you will have to solve the dependencies manually

  2. The easy way:

Edit the sources.list by vi /etc/apt/sources.list and replace testing with unstable. Once this is done run apt-get update (DO NOT RUN dist-upgrade or upgrade because this will update the whole system) and then install the package by apt-get install alsa-utils= .

Next step is to revert back the source.lst to point to testing and you are good to go! :-)